Who am i?

Welcome! I am a content creator all-round! My name is Pim Dankers (26) from the Netherlands. As you may have seen in my portfolio that I am a video/photographer, designer & web builder. At this point of life, I decided to get more out of my skills than I had while back. That is why I started with the education ICT/CIT (computer integrated technology) on the Fontys in Eindhoven. This is my road to combine all the media skills that I have with integrated technology. This could also be a full website with everything the customer needs. As I am still doing that to improve myself and fill up my portfolio with a broad reach off skills. That is my goal! I want to make sure that I can give as much as my customer asks.

And it is also a skill to work together, and to not do everything on your own. Together we are stronger, more creative and the best of all is to share the passion that we love! We love the variation in our work, and it is mostly always different! This will keep our minds fresh and creative.



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