A well-developed style guide is an essential tool for establishing brand identity. A brand style guide (also known as a brand book or brand guide) acts as a key document that helps content creators communicate a consistent message to your audience, so it’s a great asset for creating consistent, on-brand content.

What A Style Guide Can Do For Your Brand

Your brand style guide communicates your company’s design standards to your whole group. Having this document to reference for expected standards will make the lives of your designers, writers, and developers much easier and give them a solid framework to use as a starting point for their work.

Style guides can support marketing initiatives by ensuring that all messaging is relevant and related to your brand’s goals. Referencing a brand style guide ensures that content distinguishes a brand from its competitors, and is cohesive. This cohesion is important because it helps establish a strong brand voice that resonates with the audience, which is essential for building brand awareness. Over time, that awareness and consistency build trust.

When your company goes through a brand redesign, you should always create a new brand style guide to go along with it. It’s the best way to announce the rebrand to your team and get everyone on-board with new design guidelines.

Large companies with teams in different locations across the globe can benefit hugely from making their style guides available online. SkypeAdobe and Trello all publish their brand guides publicly so that employees can access them whenever they’re needed.

Drinkers Pub

The Drinkers Pub didn’t had any brand guide before and they just were doing things that did not really made sense. As an example you can take the menu where you would see how many different fonts are used and a lot of style breaks comes into play. This is also the problem for their website that is not finished yet.

At this point we wanted to rebrand the Drinkers Pub and we made a new brand guide. In this brand guide we show how the new style can be used in different ways.

Brand Guide

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Me and Wilko Verstegen worked on the brand guide together. 

I also made a new design for their website with the new style that could be used as inspiration. See below.


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