The project plan, also called project management plan, answers the who, what, where, why, how and when of the project tasks and due dates. The purpose of a project plan is to guide the execution and control project phases.

For the project plan I did not put an CMD method because its more common in the research document. For the project plan we met with the Drinkerspub to get an idea what the problem is and how we could help them. The results are in the project plan below and I worked on the most things all together in this plan.

  • Learning outcome 4: Future-oriented organisation.

Tables Of Content

1. Project assignment

  • 1.1 Context
  • 1.2 Goal of the project
  • 1.3 Problem analysis
  • 1.4 Scope and preconditions
  • 1.5 Strategy
  • 1.6 Research questions
  • 1.7 End products

2. Project organisation

  • 2.1 Stakeholders and team members
  • 2.2 Communication

3. Activities and time plan

  • 3.1 Phase of the project
  • 3.2 Time plan and milestones

4. Testing strategy and configuration management

  • 4.1 Testing strategy
  • 4.2 Test environment and required resources
  • 4.3 Configuration management

5. Finances and risks

  • 5.1 Potentional risks
  • 5.2 Keys to succes

6. User stories

See our whole group project plan below or download the PDF with the button.

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