A survey is a research method used for collecting data from a predefined group of respondents to gain information and insights into various topics of interest.

For the survey I used the methods survey & observation. I started with designing the survey itself with the QR code linked to our questions. I also made my own questions about my concept. The other questions we developed them together. Next to that I observed the customers while giving out the surveys in the pub. Overall they had a good first impression about the pub, but they all had some feedback to improve. The good thing is that they could give the feedback immediately within the survey I gave them. You can find the results below. The conclusion is that the survey is very valuable for us. We found out that a lot of customers had some of the same feedback that should be looked in further. For example that the people outside had a awful time to order. They had to walk inside to order themselves because it was to busy and out of sight from the staff.

  • Learning outcome 5: Investigative problem solving
  • Learning outcome 7: Goal-oriented interaction

Customer Survey

For the customers I made a survey to find out what could be improved or what is already on point to gather more information for my research. We combined all the invidivual questions and I printed out the flyers. I gave them out to the customers of Drinkerspub. We had 30+ answers the first night. That night we also observed how the staff is working and look what could be improved. On the right you see the flyer that I made for the customers. I also designed a slight a different one for the staff. 

Below here you can see the survey that we made that has a total of 17 detailed questions. In the end we had a total of 38 results! (Enter the first 2 questions to see the other 15 questions.)

Results customer survey

Here are all the results together from the customer survey. Evelien also made an excel to visualize the data even better! Below here is a quick example of the results.

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Staff Survey

I also made a survey for the staff to find out what could be improved from their side. Too bad they told us they did not have any time to fill in this survey. We tried 2 more times to get them to fill in the survey.. but they would not do it. Here we realized that the Drinkers Pub was not really interested in our project. We discussed this also with our project holder and discussed what to do next. From here on we would just work on the project that would work for all pubs. The only thing we did was asking them some questions that we prepared before while they were working. We got at least some answers from there that we took to go further.

See below here the survey we made for the staff:

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